Sunday, July 15, 2007

5 Ways I Save Money

I harbor what some might consider an irrational fear of becoming homeless. It helps me to remind myself of the many luxuries I forego in order to save money, at least when compared to some of my cohorts living in Manhattan:

1. I do not own a car. I wouldn't even if I had a license and could drive.

2. I make my own coffee in the morning so as not to buy it every day - especially not overpriced coffee from Starbuck's which I don't think is especially good, just ridiculously strong.

3. I buy mostly black clothing that I can wear over and over without anyone noticing (or so I hope).

4. I have no need of a personal fitness trainer. Some people tell me they need a trainer to help keep them motivated. If I am not motivated to go to the gym, I simply do not go. And if I get tired while I'm there, I just give up and go home.

5. I do my own housecleaning. I used to hire a housekeeper to clean my apartment twice a month, but I decided to cut back on unnecessary expenses when I made the financial commitment to buy a place. (Lest anyone should feel sorry for her, just know that she was really racist and rearranged my furniture without permission.)

Finally, while not recommended, I date someone who is extremely cheap and chastises me for buying things (even when it is with my own money and he is not the least bit affected). Therefore, to keep the peace, I avoid making many purchases that I cannot hide from him.

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