Saturday, July 21, 2007

Broken Floor Tile In Kitchen

It's hard enough to keep an apartment clean and organized. Then just when you think you've fallen into a rhythm you can sustain, something else turns up that needs to be dealt with. I'm not crazy about the cheap floor tiles in my kitchen to begin with, but right now, I just need to deal with fixing this eyesore and safety hazard. After making a couple of trips to Home Depot to find a replacement tile, but leaving because finding someone in that crowded labyrinth to help me was too stressful, I finally manage to get myself over there again. Although I get some help, it turns out that you can't just buy a single tile (or two or three for that matter), you have to buy a whole case, one that has to be ordered from the warehouse because they don't have it in the store. I don't even mind paying the $11 dollars it will cost as much as I'm annoyed by the fact that I'll have a whole case of tiles left over to deal with (I am tempted to "boo" the Home Depot but will refrain only because the young man I eventually found to help me was actually pleasant and knowledgeable) . Fine, I ask for some grout. It turns out there are different colors of grout, not just grout-colored grout. So I order what to my best recollection seems like the right color which of course turns out to be wrong when I get home. Also, apparently you don't just need grout to afix the tile, you need mortar to lay it on, and the smallest size they have is a gallon! So I order that too. I will try to exchange the grout for the right color when I pick up my order up on Monday. I only hope that I can get home and fix this thing without making a bigger mess. (Update:

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