Saturday, November 10, 2007

Life Savers: Merino Wool Twin Sets from Brooks Brothers

I do not derive great pleasure from shopping for clothing. I crave order in my life, and shopping for the sake of shopping is not conducive to that goal. I do derive pleasure from making purchases that last and that I am happy to use long after I buy them. I have previously criticized Brooks Brothers for being expensive, boring and a bit stuffy, but, in fairness, I have given them credit for the quality of their clothes. It is reliance, in part, on many of their basics for my wardrobe staples that has helped me maintain some order in my closet. Recently, my boyfriend, God bless his soul, ruined the shell of a twin set (purchased at BB a couple of years ago) by hanging it over a hook while it was still wet! I took advantage of the need to replace it and, because they were on sale, purchased two new sweater sets from them that I expect will be good investments. I find these merino wool shell and cardigan pairs to be so versatile and I love the feel of the material. I don't know why it is that a lot of wool clothing makes me itch, but I don't have that problem with these particular pieces. Now I just have to keep a closer eye on Sweetie, when he's kind enough to do the laundry.

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