Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lusting: Prada Handbag and Delman Shoes

I was looking at this month's issue of Real Simple magazine and noticed this handbag on the front cover. I am still on self-imposed handbag probation and wouldn't consider such a big splurge anyway, but I think this Prada handbag is GORGEOUS (except for the logo - I hate logos). You can even get a sense from the picture of the quality of the leather (look at those juicy ripples). But enough with the salivating. The cost is over $2500.
Also, I've heard from a few sources that Delman shoes are extremely comfortable and have been meaning to check them out. My toes could use some comfort. I was intrigued by this particular pair, also featured in the RS issue. The cost is $225.
A friend once noted that Real Simple is the magazine devoted to making your life simpler by getting you to buy more stuff, which I think is pretty funny (and true). Although I do think that there is some benefit to knowing what products are out there and what they cost, etc., so that when you are in the market for something new, you're better prepared, and also, because I believe in "strategic" shopping -- i.e., buying things from a list of specific items that you've determined you need or want (as opposed to impulse shopping). I think strategic shopping to some extent helps to stave off impulse shopping and can help keep you organized. Of course, sometimes there is just "lustful" shopping . . . .

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