Friday, July 27, 2007

So Played.

I am not a student of design and will confess complete ignorance on the subject, but I don't think my taste completely sucks (?). So why do I keep seeing the same pieces of so-called furniture, which make a space look more like a modern art museum than a home, show up again and again in my favorite magazines, blogs, shows, commercials, etc. What ever happened to furniture that looked like furniture and was cushiony and comfortable? Also, I would think that whatever cultural value these "iconic" items may once have had because they were created by forward-thinking designers using new materials and forms has been diminished by their ubiquity. Therefore, for what it's worth (which I know is nothing in the minds of those whose opinions on the topic matter), I hereby declare all of the following to be completely "played out" :

The Barcelona Chair (sorry, but this belongs in an airport waiting area, not a home):
The Panton Chair (for a child's room perhaps, or a funhouse):The Nelson Ball Clock (cute, when I saw it on "The Seventies Show"):

All pendant ball lamps (played, played, played):

The Saarinen table (ok, I admit I kind of like this one):
The Eames rocker, or Eames anything for that matter (I just can't believe I bought this one!):

I like the Nelson bench, but I've seen it and seen it and seen it (and, after all, it's just a bench):

The Noguchi coffee table, I'll admit is lovely, but for upwards of $3,000 I better not find it in anyone else's house that I visit (unlikely):

While I'm at it, I will add the terms: "iconic", "mid-century modern" and "clean lines." SO played!

Thanks for listening.

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