Thursday, July 5, 2007

I Love My White Sofa

People ask me how I can keep a white sofa clean (especially, with two cats). My answer is "how can you keep your sofa clean if you can't see the dirt?". I do have to vacuum it frequently, which I would have to do anyway since I have terrible allergies, and I maintain it by placing a sheet over it when there are no guests around. Washing the sheets weekly also helps keep the allergies at bay. I've had this baby for close to a year now and it still looks lovely. By the way, I must give props to Jayson Home and Garden on this one. They provided excellent service when I first made the purchase and they quickly replaced the sofa cushion when I reported an excessive number of feathers coming through the linen covers. This particular model is called the Ellory sofa and it (and a lot of other furniture) just happens to be on sale right now. Here's their link if anyone wants to check them out:

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