Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Decorate My Life

I have a hard time finding and choosing the right jewelry. In the case of shoes and handbags, I know what I like and look for good quality. With clothing, I look for clothes that feel good to wear and fit well (although pants occasionally are still a problem). Accessorizing, however, seems to require some innate talent that I do not possess. Plus, I like to keep it simple, and picking out jewelry in the morning sounds as difficult to me as having to get dressed twice. So I throw my hands up, and don't wear any. But, as a result, I feel that I look unfinished. I recently bought a couple of bracelets, and am in serious need of some earrings - just a set of gold or silver posts to keep me from looking so plain. However, if I ever decide to amp it up, I may have to go for something like these pieces that I saw in last week's New York Times, in the "Sunday Styles" section (cocktail rings always seem so fun to me - they remind me of playing dress up as a kid):

Cocktail rings by Kenneth Jay Lane at and


leonor said...

one of the main reasons for reading house and garden , was dominique, her letters,her touch. im sad. i dont like domino. i will follow Dominique's new venture.lets hope to hear from her soon. and if Dominique gets to read this, may your new path leads to happiness, for you and your loved ones.namastey.

Caroline said...

I'm also really sad that House and Garden has gone. Living overseas, I mooched in the newsagent's for months, before I realised it was truly gone. Domino is a really poor substitute, and Architectural Digest obscure in a strangely shallow way. I can't imagine buying either. I looked forward to H & G every month. I hope Conde Nast wake up to themselves and republish, as they did before when HG folded.