Thursday, July 5, 2007

I Must Rant: Hot Dog Eating Is Not A Sport!

But it IS disgusting! I remember that back in the day, when I cared enough to try to change other people's opinions, I spent countless hours arguing (always with men) about whether figure skating was a sport. It's competitive and involves athleticism, so what's the problem? The counterargument was always that the decision about who won was "completely" subjective. Even if that were true, so what? There are plenty of other sports where the outcome depends to some exent on the subjective opinion of the judges (diving, to name just one), and why is that dispositive of the question anyway? I suspect the answer probably lies in the fact that figure skating appeals mainly to women.

But line up a bunch of idiots and have them scarf down as many hot dogs as possible in 12 minutes, throw in some barfing and subsequent swallowing of that barf, and the event merits coverage by ESPN and Fox Sports. I gagged while watching the TV last night when my boyfriend refused to change the channel and was still gagging when I had to look at the sallow face of the winner while the announcer called him an "American Hero". Well, to each his own, I guess. I hope the young man who ate 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes to win Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is feeling better today.

If you feel compelled, here's a link to foxsports:

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