Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bought It: Bee Console by Iannone Sanderson!

I've been watching this item for a long time, but couldn't justify the price tag. It suddenly went on sale for less than half the original price and I bit the bullet and ordered it. I'm a bit nervous. It's on the modern side, and I've expressed previously my disdain for the whole "modern" aesthetic. However, I've been in love with this piece for a long time (even before I saw it featured in Domino Magazine and a couple of design blogs) and think maybe it's time I softened my stance (a little). It's designed by Iannone Sanderson, a philadelphia-based design team dedicated to creating eco-friendly furniture, and made of Kirei board which is an environmentally-friendly product made from stalks left over from harvesting sorghum. Frankly, I'd never heard of Iannone Sanderson or Kirei (which means beautiful in Japanese), but am definitely pleased to know it is a low impact product. Now, I just hope it looks OK when it arrives. Can you see the bee?


tara nicole said...

lucky!!! where where where was it on sale?? i too have lusted for that console since forever! :)

LMS said...

Hmmmm, they were actually selling this one at Anthropologie for a while and that's where I got it. They didn't sell it for too long, which is why I think I got it so cheap. I probaby got one of the last ones. Good luck. It's actually served me pretty well so far. Cute avatar!