Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Disturbing New York Times Article:

In "Skin Deep - Beauty Regimens Reach for the Gold Standard", Natasha Singer profiles women in major cities, for whom spending upwards of 10 hours and $1000 a week on beauty treatments is not unsual. The procedures range from basic manicures, pedicures and hair blowouts to now mundane botox injections to more cutting-edge and, I think, questionable electrical current thigh treatments and oxygen inhalation treatments. Now, I am generally of the mind that what you do with your money so long as you are not hurting someone is your own business and it's not my place to judge. Yet, I found this article disturbing. I think what troubles me more than the amount of time, effort and money involved in these maintenance routines is that women can be so fearful of aging that they allow so much of their life's energy to be spent trying to avoid it. To me, they seem sad and misguided. One of the profiled women says she gets up at 6:00am to make time for manicures, hair straightening and Botox injections. While I admire her discipline, I can't help thinking: Wouldn't an extra hour of sleep a day go so much further towards her goal of maintaining a youthful appearance?

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