Friday, August 24, 2007

Books: Cat Getting Out of Bag and Other Observations

I'm off to the bookstore after work today to check out this book by comic artist, Jeffrey Brown, which illustrates the joys of living with a cat. I looked at an excerpt from the book on Amazon (here's the link:, and cracked up laughing. The drawings are so cute! I find it intriguing that, almost universally, cats seem to share the same insane habits (sticking their heads in paper bags, knocking pens off tables, attacking your socks -- all adorably depicted in this book). I know they also share some less endearing qualities like the tendency to wake people up in the morning! Still, I love cats (I have two), and can't imagine my home without my furry friends. Speaking of which:

I hereby introduce Ichiban (which means "Number One" in Japanese) and Mooky (being bad since he's not allowed on the kitchen counter!).

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