Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cool Blog:

I just stumbled upon this site, and am really impressed by the faux finishing work these guys do. Regina's blog is full of lovely pictures of their work, great design advice and witty writing. Below is a picture of one of their jobs, which I would love to replicate in my little dining area. If they weren't based in Florida, I might hire them.

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Regina Garay said...

I wanted to thank you for writing about our company and my little blog -- I'm blushing! Actually, I'm a fan of your blog and I find myself nodding along to most of what you write [I've never heard an actual howler monkey, so I couldn't nod to that :)]. I'm sorry you went through that with Mooky -- the hubster and I lost our 16-year old kitty last year to cancer. Def not fun finding out what it's like without them. BTW, let us readers know how you like the bee console...I think it was a great purchase.