Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home Decor Dilemma: Coffee Table vs. Ottoman

I previously wrote about my need for a coffee table or ottoman and my indecision over which one to get. We really like to put our feet up when we sit, so I'm partial to the ottoman. However, a coffee table seems more classy in that you can serve drinks, etc. on it when you have guests (although I think the right ottoman can do the trick with a tray on it). Also, with a table I don't have to worry about my cats scratching up another piece of upholstered furniture. Still, it's a toughie for me. Below are some options I like and/or think are interesting.

The Devin Ottoman from Crate & Barrel (52"x20"x19") -$899 I'll just show because I think it has all of the advantages of an ottoman and some of the benefits of a coffee table and is reasonably priced. Unfortunately, the style just doesn't do it for me.
The Roth Ottoman at Restoration Hardware (39"Dx17"H) - $1450 in leather is CUTE. As with everything I love, a little pricey. Also, given the layout of my space (very rectangular), I wonder if round in the middle would work.
I love the Lucia coffee table at Restoration Hardware (50Wx31Dx17H) - $775 in brass. I think it's so elegant although I'm worried that it's a bit large for my space.
The Louis coffee table at Anthropologie is currently on sale for $399 (please excuse the quality of the picture). In my space, however, I'm afraid it would look a bit too precious.
Jayson Home & Garden has this nice bench $1,345 (48x29x17). Nice, although it doesn't look like it would hold a tray too steadily.The Lowell bench at Restoration Hardware ("46x24"x16) is on sale right now - $596 upholstered; $1450 in leathers of various colors. I think the dimensions are perfect and it's flat enough to hold a tray. I love the turned legs and the fact that it has casters. The upholstered style is priced right although it's another item I'd have to keep away from my cats' paws, which argues for getting the leather version. Depending on how my wallet is doing after the holidays, this may be the one.

One intriguing option that I stumbled upon on 1st Dibs was this Louis XV style bench and coffee table, but what is more shocking than the $3,000+ price tag is that someone has already bought it!


Anonymous said...

First, get yourself a retail reseller number from your state, so you can buy as a member of the trade, and then look at Edward Ferrell's ottoman #OT174G.

We have had it for several years now. Our beloved kitty, now gone, scratched it in several places as she jumped on and off it over time. That only makes us love it more. It's warmer and softer than a coffee table and adds much visual comfort to the room where we enjoy fires, a little TV, DVDs, and intimate entertaining.

If memory serves, we paid about $2,000 plus shipping for a piece we will have forever in one place or another.

Anonymous said...
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