Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's Not About the Packaging: Infusium 23 Works!

Every now and then, a product comes along that actually does what the manufacturer says it does. Infusium 23 leave-in hair treatment not only instantly detangles hair and improves manageability, it also strengthens damaged hair, prevents breakage and leaves hair smooth and shiny. I've been using it after shampooing since I was in college and have converted a number of people along the way. I don't see much advertising for this product, but the fact that it's been around for more than 20 years leads me to believe that it must have a following. A 33 oz bottle costs just $9.99 at Walgreens. They have changed their look recently, so the container may look a bit different from the one pictured here. I just love to spread the word about a great product, and at the risk of sounding like a raving lunatic, this one may truly improve your life!

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