Sunday, February 24, 2008

Signature Scalloped Percale Bedding by Garnet Hill

I have not been very lucky in the bedding department. Recently, I wore a hole in the fitted sheet of one set and was duped into buying another set that turned out to be of very poor quality (despite a 620 thread count!). So I set about looking for a new set that was: (1) made of cotton, (2) crisp and (3) white. I ordered this particular sheet set from Garnet Hill which fit the bill nicely and am very pleased with my purchase. It is made from a 220 thread count cotton percale weave, is nice and crisp and to me looks quite elegant. I've gone back and forth on the question of whether I prefer silky soft or crisp sheets and am firmly in the "crisp" camp now. Of course, these things are a matter of taste. I personally prefer sheets the breathe. Also, I understand that bedding made from smoother fibers may not last as long. (The one I recently had to throw away was from a costly sateen set). BTW, "percale," for those who do not know, refers to the weave of a material - it has a thread count of 200 or higher, is typically woven tightly, is of medium weight, firm and smooth with no gloss, and warps and washes very well. Also, note that, as Cheryl Mendelson points out in her book, Home Comforts, the durability of cloth is a function of many factors of which thread count is just one. It is affected by the weight of the cloth, the type and quality of the fibers comprising the material, the overall construction of the cloth, the nature and quality of the weave and the type of finish used. So don't be duped by a high thread count alone like I was!

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