Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bought Them: Fit Flops

I've spotted at least one wearer of these shoes almost every day for the last month. I actually looked up the company that makes them to see if I could purchase the stock. It turns out that they're a private company, so boo hoo. At any rate, I found out afterwards that Oprah has already endorsed them so I'd probably be too late to the party. Still, I predict these will be bigger than Crocs.

Recently, I've heard a lot in the media about the dangers of wearing flip flops. Regular flip flops reportedly accentuate pronation (the rolling in of your feet), which causes fatigue and stress in your feet and lower legs and can lead to overuse injuries. They can also accelerate bunion formation by increasing the stress on the great toe joint (eek, I have bunions!). The fit flop, on the other hand, is supposed to increase muscle activation and make the muscles that stabilize the foot work harder and over a period of time can actually strengthen your feet. Fit flops are touted as helping to tone your calves, thighs and butt. I don't know if that's true, but they actually make your legs look good while wearing them, and after wearing them all day, it felt wrong to wear my regular flip flops at home in the evening.

I also think they're pretty cute. I bought the Walkstar II model in patent bronze shown above. I had the hardest time finding this particular model in my size on the internet. Finally, I walked into Macy's and bought the last pair they had in my size (I generally wear U.S. size 7, but these run large so I bought a 6) for $59.99. Score!

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abba said...

Hey nice color combination, Even I was wondering to get one of the dark color, so are there any-other dark color fitflops.