Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brand New Skin?

Generally, I am not a huge proponent of spending a hundred bucks on a beauty product that comes in a tiny jar. However, I have previously written about my ordeal in trying to find a great facial in NYC, and when I saw an endorsement in Domino Magazine for Tracie Martyn's enzyme exfoliant, I was, for some indefinable reason, intrigued. This tiny jar costs $90, but my face has been looking horrid. And a facial can easily cost upwards of $100. So if this works, I thought, it could actually save me money. I received it in the mail yesterday and tried it for the first time this morning. The results? BRAND NEW SKIN! My skin looks radiant today and feels great. I can easily forgo the "spa experience." I've bought at least 10 facials in a jar - worth every penny. Finally, a purchase for which I can congratulate myself!

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