Friday, January 2, 2009

Last Year's Resolution

I happen to have a goal right now - getting my driver's license. After years of procrastination, I went as far as taking the written exam and getting a learner's permit months ago. I once had a driver's license which I obtained when I was seventeen. While practising, I crashed my mother's car which she never let me use again. After that, I was either living at school where I had no money for a car or in NYC where I had no need. I unwittingly let my license expire many years ago and today, at the age of 38, it has become a small source of pride that I don't have a license (woohoo, I'm a true New Yorker!), but it has also been an inconvenience at times and a limitation on the life choices I can make (i.e., I know that I could not move out of NYC and be able to carry groceries for more than two blocks). Today, I had my fourth driving lesson. (So I am still taking my sweet time about the whole thing.) I decided that I will schedule the five hour safety course (required by NY State) for next weekend after which I will schedule my road test so that there will be the pressure of a deadline to make me practice regularly. After getting my license, I hope to occasionally drive. Hopefully, it will not be my downfall. After all, driving can be a dangerous thing and so far I've managed to keep that element of uncertainty out of my life. (Visions of squished guts lying by the side of a highway dancing in my head. . . .)

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