Monday, October 1, 2007

Garnet Hill For Pants

It's that them of year again when the wardrobe needs refreshing, and I simply do not have enough pairs of pants. As a petite person (euphemism for "short"), I have much trouble finding clothes that fit and refuse to buy apparel that is not made with smaller ladies in mind. Hence, I am always grateful to find retailers which offer shorter lengths. One catalog retailer that I've been pretty lucky with in this department is Garnet Hill. I have just ordered three pairs of pants. From left: Eileen Fisher Straight Leg Pant - $148; Slim Stretch Trouser - $98; and Easy Stretch Trouser - $88. Hopefully, they'll fit. (Sigh, the perils of online shopping.) BTW, GH also sells long lengths in addition to regular!

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