Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sisal Rug

Lately, I've noticed scratches on my wood floors as well as some indentations left by the casters on my sofa legs. Until now I've resisted getting a rug, but think I can put it off no longer. I've decided on a natural fiber rug, like sisal, that will provide a neutral background while protecting my floors. Sisal, which comes from the agave plant, is supposed to be strong and more durable than jute or seagrass. However, I am confused by how much the prices can vary. An 8' by 10' sisal rug from Williams Sonoma (pictured above) costs $1375 while the same size costs $350 at Crate and Barrel and $589 at Ballard Designs. WSH's rug has a suede border while the others are fabric. Still, I don't know if that justifies an almost $1,000 price difference. Given that my cats are probably going to use the rug as a scratching pad, it doesn't make sense to spend a bundle. Another argument for getting the cheaper version is that sisal is easily stained (even by water) if it is spilled on. Is it possible that the pricier one would feel significantly better underfoot? I know I will always wonder . . . .

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