Monday, February 18, 2008

True Love? Hans Olsen Compact Dining Set

I saw this dining set on the Apartment Therapy website some time ago and I've never been able to get it out of my mind. It's a 1930s Danish teak four seat dining set by Hans Olsen for the Frem Rojle Company. Do you see how the seats fit neatly into the table when they're not in use? I have a tiny dining area that I have not yet been able to furnish despite countless hours on the internet and this set would seem to be a perfect size. Also, I sat on the chairs at ABC Home and they are surprisingly comfortable (note the triangle shaped seats). The price, however, is steep - about $5,ooo. I'm not quite ready to take the leap but I AM getting desperate. And although I've been claiming to be a "traditional" girl for a long time, I have found my recent "modern" purchases to have been quite satisfying. Aaahhh, love . . . how can one ever know if it's the real thing or just a passing fancy?


Anonymous said...

I have this set in good condition. I can send pictures. We have the table and 4 chairs. We also have a 5th mismatched chair that is a very close match.

LMS said...

Hi. Thanks for your message. Please feel free to send the pictures and your asking price to



CouponAlbum said...

Oh!! Thanks for sharing your find!! It really amazing dining set!!