Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tried and True: Restoration Hardware

I previously wrote about my struggle to find a sisal rug. I ended up buying one at Restoration Hardware that was well-priced and seemed to be of better quality than that of its competitors (it doesn't have all those stragly loose fibers that I see in a lot of natural fiber rugs) . And then, I remembered, "oh yeah, Restoration Hardware!" For some reason, I'd forgotten all about them lately. But when looking for classically designed furniture, lighting, etc., of good quality, they're worth remembering. I've purchased lighting there and I'm thinking of buying a coffee table/ottoman from them. I sometimes wish I'd bought my sofa there. I think the quality and craftsmanship of their furniture surpasses that of, say, a Pottery Barn, but they are more reasonably priced than, for example, a Williams Sonoma. I recently read that the Company is up for sale. I hope that doesn't change anything on the ground floor.

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